The Concept B team has a very positive assessment of Caribü’s 2nd edition: 9200 visitors came to the site located at Place Charles-Le Moyne to enjoy the festivities. The organizers are thrilled by these numbers!

“We are proud of what we achieved. Even though the recorded traffic makes us very happy, we are delighted by the positive comments we received. We have worked really hard to push the concept forward this year in order to satisfy the visitors. We can proudly say it is mission accomplished!” said Claude Demers, Concept B General Manager.

An electrifying vibe

Musical programing, which is at the centre of the event, really won the hearts of participants with shows like Valaire and Alaclair Ensemble! DJs were also essential to create a very particular vibe to the event!

How about the cocktails created to showcase local spirits? So many great cocktails were available. Well-known bars took care of everything, the Lab team, Pierre-Hugues Marois from The Coldroom and Jey Laflamme from the Distillerie. The bars were offering classic drinks reinvented, warm beers, cider cocktails, daring mixes with spices and tea, everything to showcase the mixologists’ talent!

Quoi de mieux que des cocktails pour mettre en valeur les spiritueux d’ici ? Et des cocktails, il y en avait ! Pris en charge par des bars bien connus : l’équipe de chez Le Lab, Pierre-Hugues Marois de The Coldroom et Jey Laflamme de la Distillerie, les bars du festival offraient des classiques réinventés, des bières chaudes, des cocktails au cidre, des mélanges audacieux avec des épices et du thé : tout pour mettre de l’avant le talent des mixologues!

Looking Towards a 3rd edition

Within the next weeks, the organizers will look into a 3rd edition to highlight the good ideas and possible improvements. Among the observations are the following:

– Improve the heated Lounge layout in order to optimize the space during peak hours.

– Have workshops and conferences as activity options, in order to educate visitors on how to sample spirits.


Great challenges Concept B is looking forward to take up!

The festival will be back for its 2019 winter edition at Place Charles – Le Moyne, in collaboration with the Ville de Longueuil.